Thursday, January 03, 2008

our top story tonight

Stacy McCloud got a haircut. In her updated blog entry she describes it as a cross between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Katie Holmes. I haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it looks nice. Maybe Byron Chesney will be able to post some photos in the morning.

Yesterday Byron posted a link to an article about the ratings increase at WKYC since Abby Ham joined the station. I had emailed Abby on New Year's Eve to wish her well and to bug her about the two photos I am hoping to get from her to post on the blog. Here's the reply she sent me today:

So good to hear from you. Things are going great. We just moved into our new house so it has been a little crazy, but we are finally settling in.

I miss Knoxville so much. I have my days when I get really sad that I don’t live there anymore. It all happened so fast. It’s hard to believe that I am in a whole new place. I really like Cleveland, though, and the new station. I guess I always miss the places I leave behind.

I went to the Rock Hall before Christmas and was going to stop and take a picture in front of the stamp, but the wind was blowing so hard. I think I would have lost my new camera. I still have to download the pictures from The Breakfast Club night. I will get those to you very soon.

Hope all is well and you had a great holiday. Tell Marc and Kim and the gang (Tearsa included) hello for me.


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Blogger bean said...

frank, you are too modest to point it out but if you read between the lines in abby's note it is blindingly obvious how much she wants you.

her one mistake in leaving knoxville was not bringing you with her. that's what i
get out of her letter.

bean :)

Blogger Byron said...

So Silan Visage will now be offering the new Hasselholmes cut, or is it the Holmesbeck???

Blogger Byron said...

Doh! In my haste to post a comment, I misspelled Salon! I gotta start proofing my comments before I hit that publish button!

I'll bet you that Abby misses us "creepy internet guys?"

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Abby sent me the photo from her good-bye party today. As promised, it's posted on the November 10, 2007 entry.


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