Thursday, January 31, 2008

please, please, please don't go away

The TV in our living room stayed tuned to WATE all evening for "Lost" and the new show that followed. "Eli Stone" was pretty good and worth watching again next week. One of the stars is Natasha Henstridge, who first became famous in the movie "Species." I remember when she visited KLOS to promote "Species II." As I recall, she was pregnant at the time. A few months before I started my blog, I saw Natasha at the 2005 "American Idol" finale party. I would have liked to have had my picture taken with her but the opportunity didn't present itself. Instead I took a picture of Natasha posing with a fellow partygoer because she looked a bit like my Aunt Kitty McArdle. Not Natasha, the other lady. I've been hanging on to the picture all this time in case I ever had reason to write about either Natasha or Aunt Kitty even though she wasn't really a relative but a close family friend.

The 11 o'clock news on WATE had another story about the unusual advertising campaign for "Lost." My grandmother will probably be interested to know that Knoxville has one of only a very few Oceanic Air billboards. Maybe the placement of that billboard means Sawyer is one of the "Oceanic Six." I'll have to ask Grandma if she started watching "Lost" again. She had thought about giving up the show when it became too much about the Others.

Speaking of WATE, I will miss their noon newscast. Terry Morrow reports that the station will drop the broadcast after tomorrow. I was one of the people who watched it almost every day. Other stations owned by the same company have been canceling newscasts and making staff cutbacks. I was glad to see in Terry's report that Lori Tucker is staying put.

There's still one more show on WATE for me tonight. I will record "Jimmy Kimmel Live," as I always do and watch it later. Tonight he celebrates five years on the air. Happy anniversary Jimmy!

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Blogger Byron said...

Although I rarely watch WATE news at noon, I hate to see them drop it. Business decision or not, it's always healthier when there is competition. It drives you to try harder.

Anonymous Frank said...

I also watched the noon news but admit I'm a flipper. I can sort of watch all three stations' newscasts at once.

Blogger Monica said...

I really liked Eli Stone too. I hate that it's going to be on opposite Lipstick Jungle this week because I wanted to catch that too and I don't have TiVo. :( Oh well, with the writers strike there will be repeats.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

How great was Sarah Silverman's surprise for Jimmy on the anniversary show? After years of Jimmy pretending to bump Matt Damon from each night's show, Sarah sang a song about having an affair with Damon, who appears in the music video for it.


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