Saturday, January 19, 2008

sales call agitates many

The guy on the phone said his name was Eddie Portland. He called me at home yesterday and claimed that my name had been drawn in a contest which I had no recollection of entering. Could he be telling the truth? I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry. He knew my name and phone number and mentioned what he thought was my annual income. I only wish he had been right about that amount.

Eddie said I had won one of four prizes: a choice between a Lincoln Navigator or $50,000; a cruise to the Bahamas for two; a $2,500 cashier's check or a 32-inch flat screen TV. Sounds good, right? To claim it, my wife and I would each have to bring two forms of I.D., preferably a driver's license and major credit card, to Gatlinburg this weekend. After attending a 90-minute presentation on a vacation resort, we would then have to pluck scratcher tickets out of a drum to see which prize we had won.

Feeling suspicious, I looked online. Others had posted about their experiences with the same company in other cities. I decided not to bother with it when I read about people who went to a presentation expecting to be there for only an hour and a half but were stuck for over three hours instead. Still more complained about the hard-sell techniques. I wish I could have found a post from someone who got their prize, didn't have to buy anything and was happy about the experience. No such luck.

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Anonymous Jennifer Bohlken said...

A good friend of mine got their prize doing the same thing. I think the prize was the TV. I'll verify and let you know. Can you say NO to get a TV?

Anonymous Jere said...

I don't know that a TV is worth it. If it is an expensive one, you end up paying the taxes on something you really could do without.


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