Wednesday, January 02, 2008

top 10 from the home office

When the year is new there is comfort in repeating the old. My New Year's Day traditions are watching the Rose Parade and reading The List in the Washington Post. Unfortunately this year's in and out list didn't entertain me as much as last year's.

A lot of people make top ten lists to commemorate the year gone by. Byron Chesney posted an interesting list of his top ten stories about local TV news. It's not surprising that Abby Ham topped his list. Nor is it surprising that Abby topped Terry Morrow's list of the best on local TV in 2007.

I emailed Abby the other day to remind her about the pictures I want her to send. While we're thinking about her, I compiled a list of the top ten search terms that brought people to my blog in 2007. I understand all of them except for numbers 4 and 8.
  1. Abby Ham
  2. Jessica Simpson naked
  3. Regis & Kelly
  4. product placement
  5. Frank Murphy
  6. magazines for miles
  7. puffy shirt
  8. cigarette girl
  9. calories
  10. Stacy McCloud
Did you know that Stacy enjoys a banana with peanut butter every morning for breakfast? She mentioned it in a comment on Monday's entry as she contemplates whether or not to cut her hair.

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Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Abby sent me the photo from her good-bye party today. As promised, it's posted on the November 10, 2007 entry.


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