Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what the chuck

Occasionally the Web Watch column in the News Sentinel describes a website that piques my interest. When that happens, I wonder why I haven't remembered to read the column every week. Then I click through the archives until I lose interest and the cycle begins again. Friday's column had two sites that I may spend some time exploring.

TV Series Finale is "devoted to the last chapter of your favorite shows." It will take me several visits to get through their list of shows.

Chuck Cunningham Syndrome
describes a phenomenon that drove me crazy when one of the kids on "Life With Bonnie" vanished without explanation.

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Blogger Chairman_B. said...

Even more interesting you should check out my friend, Thom's database of TV show crossovers.
Hours and hours of browsing pleasure.

Anonymous Frank said...

I was watching "King of Queens" recently and realized Carrie had a sister in the pilot episode but then vanished a la Chuck Cunningham.

Blogger WaterLearner said...


Just blog hopping. You have a great interesting blog!!


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