Thursday, February 28, 2008

call 656-kids

Hey, do me a favor. Phone in a pledge to the Children's Hospital Radiothon on Friday. As usual, several popular WBIR news anchors came by to support the annual two-day event today. Remember how Abby Ham showed up last year? Here's Beth Haynes, Russell Biven and Robin Wilhoit.

Better than calling, drive over to West Town Mall and say hi. Bill Williams, Moira Kaye and Michele Silva are coming tomorrow. Local news fan Byron Chesney should consider stopping by too if he wants to meet them.

One of Byron's recent posts had a comment from somebody who works with Stacy McCloud. By following the link in that person's profile, I ended up on a page full of pictures from the WVLT Christmas party when Stacy wore the purple dress that she auctioned off for charity. Byron might want to save a few of these glamour shots for his files.

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Blogger Brian said...

Speaking of Knoxville media, what happened to Toddzilla? I figured he was on vacation but saw he's not listed on the website anymore. He'll certainly be missed by listeners.

Blogger Byron said...

Frank you dog you! When I die, I wanna come back as you!

Blogger Amelia said...

Haha. I suppose I'm the secret blogger with the behind-the-scenes pictures. Well, I guess it's not so secret anymore. I'll have to bookmark this blog and check back more often.

Anonymous Stacy McCloud said...

Hey Frank,

I would have stopped by the mall to see you but didn't even know you all were out there until AFTER the fact. I haven't been out for breakfast to listen to the radio in a while .. so I apologize I didn't know!
Thanks for the shout out .. and the pics .. yes aside from Fantasy of Trees, I also wore the dress for a work Christmas party but figured no one cared about that,ha!

Hope to get to see you soon
Stacy :)

I've heard they may put the dress on Ebay if no one my size wanted it (money still going to CC Relay) ... I've not checked.


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