Tuesday, February 12, 2008

couldn't make this stuff up

This is an actual record album that I saw today. It's called "Spring City Baptist Favorites" by Guy Tester. His name is Guy Tester!

From the liner notes:
Guy Tester is one of Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee's most dedicated Christian men in the field of music today.

Guy has been used by scores of ministers and many funeral homes during the past years to bring comfort and blessings to thousands of broken hearted people and sorrowing families. One of the outstanding things about Guy Tester's singing is the fact that God's Hand is on him and his ministry in music through these years. We feel this is all because Guy never sought to become professional in the field of music, but was careful to remain among God's people where the Spirit of God is continually on him and his singing.
The track list for Side B is as follows:
1. There's Nothing Like A Friend
2. Ship Ahoy
3. Your Home To Stay
4. His Hand In Mine
5. Now I Have Everything
I wonder if Guy is any relation to Tommy Tester. Hope not.

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