Monday, April 28, 2008

fragility of life

A tragic car crash claimed the life of a woman whose son goes to school with my son. My wife and I accompanied our son to the funeral at Holy Ghost Parish on Saturday. Even though we didn't know Mary Lynn Hurley, we wanted to show support for her children, Jacob and Caitlin. Years later, I still remember which of my friends came to my father's funeral even though they didn't know him.

The News Sentinel's website has two versions of their article about the crash. The early version of the story was updated to be the same as the article in Friday's paper. As the story developed it was revealed that the other driver had a suspended license and a medical condition which may explain why he was seen slumped behind the wheel before the crash. What now differentiates the two postings are the comments that were left on Thursday vs. those left on Friday.

Thursday's comments include several responses to a deleted comment that suggested the other driver should have died instead. Another reader felt it necessary to post the office hours of the deceased woman, which drew an angry reaction a few hours later.

On Friday morning someone posted a comment that will affect your emotions. It appears to have been written by Jacob Hurley about his late mother. It serves as a powerful reminder that the reader comments posted on local news sites will be seen by the families of the people involved in the corresponding article.

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Anonymous catscratch diva said...

I heard alot about the accident.
It is terribly sad when an accident takes a parent from their children or a child from their parents.

There have been several funerals that I have attended in the last several years of young people who have had horrible accidents and lost their lives. Young people that my daughter knew.

The fact remains, no matter where it comes from, support is appreciated. I didn't know these mourning parents. I didn't know their child. But, I can easily close my eyes and envision how I would feel and would appreicate the love and support of anyone my daughter had known.

Anonymous Billy said...

I hadn't heard about this, but my heart goes out to the family. I think your son's friend will always remember that Frank Jr. was there in his time of grieving.

By the by, good luck getting ready to let go of Jr. heading off to college 8 hours away.


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