Friday, April 18, 2008

pope notes

Pope Benedict XVI traveled to New York today. One of his stops was at St. Joseph's parish in Yorkville, which is only a few blocks from my sister's apartment. Tomorrow he will be in Yonkers, my original hometown, to visit Dunwoodie.

At least three priests with a Knoxville connection will be in New York with the Pope. Fr. Eric Andrews will represent Knoxville at St. Patrick's Cathedral tomorrow morning. Archbishop Joseph Kurtz will concelebrate Mass at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. Fr. Augustine Idra will help safely distribute communion at Yankee Stadium. One hundred Knoxville parishioners will be there too.

My blog got some traffic today from (thanks Ralph!) and from people searching for "Papal Mass" on Of all the links in tonight's short post I think my favorite is the "safely distribute communion" video.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough already about the Pope. Can we move on??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why move on?

This is a historic week in the history of the United States and of the Holy Catholic Church!

I would like to hear as much as you have to say about it, Frank.


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