Wednesday, May 07, 2008

corpuscle crunch

Ben & Jerry's had their Free Cone Day and Baskin-Robbins had their 31 Cent Scoop Night last week. Today our local Bruster's offered free pints! Well, almost free. You had to donate a pint of blood to get the pint of ice cream.

My wife's blood is always in demand. She gets postcards and phone calls from Medic Regional Blood Center about all the blood drives in our area. She's a universal donor. I'm a universal recipient. How appropriate for our relationship.

We both gave blood and got ice cream and a t-shirt. Unfortunately all they had were XL shirts. I only need a large. My wife had to go to choir practice so I took home her pint of Turtle and some Chocolate Oreo for myself. The girl at the window asked if I wanted a bag or a spoon. A spoon? C'mon! Doesn't she realize that I don't wear XL shirts anymore?

My day started with some sad ice cream news. One of the first things I read this morning was the obituary of Irv Robbins, as in half of Baskin-Robbins. The Los Angeles Times had a link to test your flavor knowledge. For me, it was more like a reading comprehension quiz. I scored 100% because all the answers were in the articles I had just read.

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Blogger Frank Murphy said...

The Wikipedia page for Bruster's says that they are especially popular in the Pittsburgh area, where the chain started. This morning I read a Forbes article about the top junk food cities. It said that Pittsburgh is the number one city for ice cream consumption. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, only hours after the news of Irv Robbins' passing comes the word that Baskin-Robbins will now sell soft-serve ice cream. Were they waiting for Irv to go?

Anonymous Jere said...

Too soon

Blogger Brian said...

Despite what the article says, Baskin Robbins has sold soft serve in the past. The one on Chapman Highway served it in the late 80's, when I was a kid. I remember vividly because the kids' softserve came in a baseball helmet in the summer and since my first initial was B, I used to always ask my mom for the "swirly ice cream in the B hat" for the Red Sox helmet.


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