Saturday, May 03, 2008

wake the kids and call the neighbors

During May sweeps, you would expect to see my pal Jimmy Kimmel turn up on "Good Morning America" and "Live with Regis & Kelly," especially since he has to be in New York to host ABC's upfront presentation again. It's a lot more surprising to learn that Jimmy will be a guest on "Late Show with David Letterman" this coming Monday. When Jimmy and Jay Leno appeared on each other's shows, I was reminded that Leno used to be a great talk show guest. No one expects Letterman to show up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" however.

On April 3rd Jimmy reached the 1000 shows milestone. had an impressive section on Kimmel's 1000th show. Of the thousand, I have watched all but about five or ten shows due to an occasional DVR error or sporting event that pushed the show out of its regular timeslot.

For a while, Jimmy has had his Uncle Frank and parking lot security guard Guillermo do pre-recorded commercials during the show. Now Jimmy and Guillermo are doing "live" commercials for Pontiac in the middle of the show. Whenever one of these commercials come on, I stop fast-forwarding and watch it. Similarly the only commercial I ever watch on "American Idol" is the weekly Ford spot that looks like a music video.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, that's one Letterman I won't be watching. What is Kimmel thinking? How dare this limp excuse for a comedian sit with the master. He'd be better off doing Carson Daly's show.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Yes, Dave is the master but obviously I disagree with you about Jimmy. He looks up to Letterman the way Dave looked up to Johnny Carson. Jimmy even has the great Steve O'Donnell as his head writer. Kimmel's show has consistently improved since its debut.

By the way, Carson Daly got his start as Jimmy Kimmel's intern at a radio station in Palm Springs.

Hey Anonymous, I am disappointed that you don't have the courage to use your real name or the creativity to make up a fake one.

Anonymous Chris Townsend said...

What does Ben Affleck see in that guy anyway?


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