Tuesday, June 17, 2008

don't get dumb

The battle at the multiplexes this weekend will be between "Get Smart" and "The Love Guru." It's very unusual for two comedies to open at the same time. Both have been heavily hyped almost everywhere you turn. Mike Myers promoted "The Love Guru" on "American Idol," the MTV Movie Awards and elsewhere. The cast of "Get Smart" is in one of the ads that remind you to silence your cell phone in the movie theatre.

Trailers for both films have been running for months. If you haven't caught them yet, click here and here. I feel that I've already seen as much of "The Love Guru" as I care to. However I'm left wanting more "Get Smart." Based on the trailers alone, my wife wants everyone to get out and "vote" for "Get Smart" this weekend by buying a ticket. Who's with us?

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Anonymous Billy said...

I don't know. I guess I'll see both movies but both are forms of comedy that I don't particularly care for. I'm getting old when all I want is "intelligent" humor.


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