Sunday, June 22, 2008

h-e-double toothpicks

For a recent birthday celebration, my wife and I bought some Culpitt Party Candles at Food City. As with almost anything nowadays, this product was made in China. Perhaps that explains why the letters that are supposed to spell "over the hill" instead spelled "over the hell." If you look closely at the back of the packages, you can see that one has an "I" while the other has an "E." You just know which one we had to buy.

Later, we played our own version of Jumble with the candles and came up with a few other possibilities, including some not pictured here.

PS: You can't get a fancy cupcake in this town on a Sunday. The three bakeries that I checked were all closed.

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Anonymous Missybw said...

Shoulda called... I had 48 of the little beauties hanging here at my house!

Anonymous tnvolfan said...

Unfortunately, the Cupcakery is only open 4 days a week.

Anonymous Angela said...

As a bakery manager at a Food City, I wish I had seen this earlier. I had inventory today and would have looked at the ones in my department. Now I'll definitely have to go look!


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