Monday, June 09, 2008

hold you in parentheses

Thanks to Google, I now know that the song stuck in my head since Saturday is "I Love You Period" by Dan Baird. Dan who? Apparently he used to be in The Georgia Satellites. My wife and I enjoyed hearing it at a wedding reception as the mother of the groom danced with her son. Before the song ended, her other three sons joined them for a rollicking kick line.

Because my wife was the soloist at the wedding, I got to tag along with her to the rehearsal dinner on Friday. One of the groom's brothers got everyone's attention as he popped a VHS tape (remember those?) in the machine. Soon the big screen was filled with Bob Barker's face. It turns out that the groom was a contestant on "The Price Is Right" about seven or eight years ago. He didn't win. He didn't even come close. His bids were way lower than anyone else's. I told him he was guessing Knoxville prices in a Los Angeles world.

The next day we were at the church an hour before the ceremony. While my wife rehearsed with the excellent accompanist, I wandered around and chatted with Fr. Ragan Schriver. He hadn't heard about the groom's appearance on "The Price Is Right" but knew that he could use it. I filled in the few details I knew, which prompted him to revise his homily and make it the third of his famous three things. The groom turned a little red and dropped his face into his hands. The congregation loved it.

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Anonymous catscratch diva said...

Wonder if that's what you'd consider priceless?


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