Saturday, July 12, 2008

here's another nice mess

The bravest lifeguards in East Tennessee waded carefully into the Springbrook Pool today. Moments earlier the pool had been evacuated and the events of the Smoky Mountain Invitational meet had been halted. The announcer said the delay would last at least thirty minutes. The races are at the deep end of the pool while the shallow part near the slide is open to anyone who buys a wristband and wants to cool off. It was one of the recreational swimmers who caused the shutdown for exactly the reason you're thinking. The lifeguards had to pull on their rubber gloves and collect the specimen. A round of "eewws" could be heard from those watching as the guards scooped each piece into an old chlorine bucket.

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Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

Sorry, I couldn't hold it. (not really, I wasn't there).

A similar thing happened a couple of weeks ago while I was on vacation in Las Vegas with my family. We were at the pool at the Circus Circus. There are actually two pools, and one was closed down for the same reason. In addition to the "eewws" for the obvious reason, there were also moans of discontent for the increase of swimmers in our pool after those who came over from the other one that just closed for cleaning.

Blogger Mr. Kazinec said...

I think I just regurgitated. Leave it to Frank to provide photo evidence. lol

Anonymous The Fool Monty said...

Just curious, why did you have your camera at the pool, and why did you "want" a picture of the problem?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Like any good parent, I was there to take pictures of my son's swimming events. When I heard the announcement about the pool closure, I rushed from the team tent to the pool with camera in hand. Obviously the blogosphere needed to see documentation of the momentous occasion.


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