Thursday, July 10, 2008

to the Batcave

Perhaps the best place for me to be this week is in an honest-to-goodness cave. Where else can I go to avoid the hype surrounding the new Batman movie? With all the publicity I've seen so far, until yesterday I really thought "The Dark Knight" was opening tomorrow (or tonight at midnight). There's actually another week to wait. Or more if it's sold out on opening day.

Christian Bale and Heath Ledger were on the cover of the Entertainment Weekly that came in the mail last Saturday. There's a review of the movie in the Time magazine with Mark Twain on the cover. I had to take my wife's advice and stop reading it when it started to reveal more about the film than I want to know. She knows how I can be. When I'm really looking forward to a movie, I'll watch and read too much about it. "Get Smart" was a disappointment for me because I had seen all the best jokes in the trailers.

To a certain extent, I can't help it. Batman stuff is everywhere. Today on the Knoxville Blog Network, I saw an interesting entry from The Screening Log about the Bat Signal in Manhattan. In my on-screen satellite guide I saw a listing for a show on History called "Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight." I set it up to record.

The aforementioned Entertainment Weekly had a Batman reference that didn't spoil anything. Under the heading "Even the Darkest of Knights Shines Brightly on Blu-ray" was a near-silhouette of Adam West as Batman standing on a Gotham rooftop. It was an ad for the Blu-ray edition of "Batman: The Movie." I enjoyed the connection between the old and the new. By the way, when Adam West appeared on the "Today" show recently, it was to promote that same Blu-ray disc.

It's clear that Christian Bale is the best Batman since Adam West. Oh alright, Bale is the best Batman since Kevin Conroy, who was the best Batman since Adam West.

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Blogger Barry said...

I can't jump on the Christian Bale bandwagon - I thought his best work was in "Newsies" - but I will totally agree that Kevin Conroy was an excellent Batman.

My favorite of the movie Batmen was actually Val Kilmer believe it or not. He doesn't actually look the part, but I thought his take on the Bat in "Batman Forever" (while trying to keep from being overshown by Jim Carrey) hit the nail on the head.

Blogger Mr. Kazinec said...

I have to disagree, Christian Bale is by far the best Batman; at least since I've been alive. (born in 81) I love the dark and mysterious presence of the new Batman.
Going back to the Batman with Jim Carey, It sure would be nice if Mr. Freeze could pay California a visit to help with the wild fires. I probably shouldn't joke, that is a very sad situation.

Blogger bean said...

yeah, but adam west is the only batman that matters. the others are pretenders to the throne.

christian bale is a great actor. so is michael keaton. but neither they, nor any of the others, ever became one with the cape and cowl like mr. west.


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