Sunday, August 03, 2008

glorify your name

No offense to our parish priests but the best sermons I heard this weekend occurred not at Mass but during the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Both Darrell Green and Art Monk spoke beautifully about their faith, their family and football.

Darrell told an amazing story of how he barely missed the chance for a ride home from college with his best friend Carnelle. He was homesick and depressed that he didn't get to visit his family for the weekend. On Monday morning he learned that Carnelle was killed in a car wreck. Had he gotten the ride, Darrell's life would have probably ended too. Later he said that he felt God had a plan for him to remain with one team when he could have easily been a free agent. By staying with the Redskins, Darrell Green could also stay with the same church. He and Art Monk both mentioned Grace Covenant Church in their speeches. Art and his wife turn up in a photo on the church's website.

Monk must have thought for a moment that he might never get to his speech. He set receiving records throughout his career. Last night he set a record for receiving the biggest ovation from the crowd. The four minutes of applause helped make up for the eight years he had to wait for his enshrinement.

Monk and Green are two of the main reasons I became a Redskins fan. I come from a family of Giants fans. While working at WAVA, I had the opportunity to meet several of the players, including Art and Darrell. At first I would cheer on the individual accomplishments of the guys I had met. How could I not want success for those two? Before long I was rooting for the whole team, just as I am tonight as the Redskins play the Colts.

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Anonymous Sandy Weaver Carman said...

Bringing back memories, Frank! (Great to see you and Jere last week, btw)

Art Monk and Darrell Greene are two of the nicest men on the planet, and have made the NFL classy with their presence. Like you, I got to rub shoulders with a bunch of the Redskin players in DC as part of my radio job, and Art, Darrell and #65, Dave Butz, were always the three that impressed me the most as salt of the earth guys. The Hall of Fame is lucky to have them!

And yes, I really DO use that Redskin leash you saw hanging on Billy's crate. Never was a fan of football until the 'Skins, and now I love the Redskins and football, in that order.


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