Friday, August 29, 2008

how stuff works

Quick, what's the best part of an Oreo? Obviously it's the Stuf. When they want to improve an Oreo, they double the Stuf, not the cookie part. You may recall that during the NFL playoffs, I got all caught up in the Double Stuf Racing League theme song.

A restaurant chain called Country Kitchen is trying to hop on the Oreo bandwagon with their new Oreo Pancakes. They put two "oversized Oreo cookie wafers inside two of The Best Pancakes in Town." Sadly, they omit the Stuf. I guess the glob of whipped cream on the side is supposed to represent the missing Stuf. Before we looked at the murals, I tried some while in Cuba, Missouri. They were not bad, but I missed the Stuf.

The pancakes can take their place alongside the Oreo things that I wrote about one year ago. I still haven't tried an Oreo pizza or an Oreo sundae but the Oreo Cakester was good. Since the pancakes didn't satisfy my Oreo jones, I was drawn to a specific item in the pastry case at Sweet Desserterie in Memphis a few days later. Our friend Jessica took us there during our visit with her. The best thing I tasted during my vacation was that piece of Oreo Cream Cake. Before you give me a hard time, let me tell you that I've already lost the three extra pounds that I allowed myself to gain on vacation. And it was worth it. Just look:

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Anonymous Sandy Weaver Carman said...


Is there anything better than an oreo and a cold glass of milk? To me, that's the highest and best use of them.

BUT...if Jere feels like playing in the kitchen, and if you can stand to lose another 3 pounds put on by a little indulgence, then try using crushed oreos as the crust under a banana cream pie filling. Or coconut cream. Or chocolate cream, if you're really decadent.

Crush those suckers, add a little bit of melted butter to make them hold together, then press them in the bottom of a pie plate and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes, to set the crust. Let it cool off before putting the filling in, then stick it in the fridge until you can't stand it any more.

Ok...was working on an audio book, but I think I hear something in the kitchen calling my name....


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