Thursday, August 14, 2008

lucky number eight

WVLT held a local version of a network upfront presentation this afternoon at the Tennessee Theatre. I called Dino Cartwright and got myself invited. Alan Williams served as emcee for the event, which was targeted to advertisers.

Actor David Keith was there to plug his upcoming appearance on "CSI: Miami." I spoke to him briefly, choosing to tell him that when we met about ten years ago at KLOS, it was the first time I had ever heard anyone talk about Vols football. David responded by saying that he had been in Mark Thompson's first film. It was definitely a better choice than bringing up the time we met again three years ago.

In addition to Keith, I saw and spoke with Chef Walter, Gary Loe, Rick Russo and Bob Kesling. Russo and Kesling took the stage to talk about the Vols for a little while. Most of the time was devoted to watching previews of the new shows coming to CBS this fall:
  • The pilot episode of "Worst Week" looks funny. But can they maintain that frenetic pace in episode two or three or four etc?
  • I'll take a look at Jay Mohr's show, "Gary Unmarried," because I like his guest appearances on KROQ. Will the sitcom writing be up to the level of his standup? He looks like he's taken up weightlifting or something.
  • Of the dramas, "The Mentalist" intrigues me enough to record a few episodes. It airs on Tuesday nights, while I'm out improvising.
  • They said that "Eleventh Hour" got the best grades from test audiences. The short preview I saw didn't convince me to commit to it. I'll probably watch the first episode, just to be nice.

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Blogger Amelia said...

I never watch CBS network shows (besides during the obvious hours), but I'm planning on finding a way to record "The Mentalist" as well.

Blogger John Hudgens said...

Worst Week is based on an incredibly funny British series, "The Worst Week of My Life", which holds up very well over multiple episodes.

Of course, it uses the British system of limited runs to its advantage, since each season is only seven episodes, one for each day of the week. Season one led up to the couple's wedding, season two to the birth of their first child.

They also did a three episode Christmas special in 2006, obviously leading up to the holiday...

I don't know how they're going to stetch this out to a 22-24 episode American series...


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