Friday, August 01, 2008

rocky road

It's bad enough when one of the restaurants you've patronized turns up on the "Food for Thought" segment on WATE. It feels even worse when you've been to both restaurants on the report. That's what happened tonight when Don Dare announced the failing score for Baskin-Robbins on Middlebrook Pike and the barely passing score for Mimi's Cafe at Turkey Creek.

Not only had we been to the two places, I wrote about both of them on the blog. Mimi's Cafe scored a 70. We had a good meal there back in March and brought home a S'mores dessert to eat the next day. It looks like Baskin-Robbins, which had a 57, got a 75 upon re-inspection. When we were there in April, we got grossed out by the server who let her hair hang into the ice cream tubs.

My wife talked with another swim team parent who works at a Cracker Barrel. He says that the local health inspectors have been more picky since getting shuffled around to different territories. If what the BBC said eight years ago is still true, Knoxville has the most restaurants per capita in the U.S. I wish that our restaurants had to post big letter grades like the places in Los Angeles and in St. Louis.

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Blogger overtly trite said...

don't like seeing that about Mimi's it's one of my favorite breakfast spots :(

Anonymous Angela said...

I have noticed that there are a couple of health inspectors that are very, very strict. When we were inspected (at a grocery store) the one lady that now inspects west Knoxville locations checked everything. It took her almost 2 hours to do our inspection. Not complaining about her checking everything, but if you've ever been through a thorough health inspection, you know that some of the things they check for are a little strange.

Anonymous nathan said...

I TOO wish that our restaurants had to post big letter grades. The restaurants in NC does


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