Saturday, August 30, 2008

shore thing

Sean Hannity's radio show used to be on a local AM station every afternoon at 3:00 p.m. I would often hear the beginning of it while scanning the dial and waiting to pick up my son from school. One day Hannity's show was gone. Another station picked up the show and buried it in an evening timeslot via tape delay.

Last night I heard some of Hannity's show as I drove to the Maryville vs. Alcoa football game. He was extremely energized over John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate. Palin's selection has made the October 2nd vice presidential debate in St. Louis a lot more interesting too.

I wonder if Lorne Michaels has already asked Tina Fey to come back to "Saturday Night Live" just to play Palin. You have to admit there's a resemblance. My wife is hoping that the our favorite cast member, Kristen Wiig, will portray Palin. I'm sure Wiig could nail the voice, especially on phrases like "He's a world champion snow machine racer!"

As a radio guy, I get a kick out of hearing Scott Shannon voice the segment intros on Hannity's show. Almost everyone I knew in DC radio had a Scott Shannon story from his time at WPGC. Something I heard Shannon say last night made me laugh and wonder if I had anything to do with it. I think he said that the broadcast had been "Hannitized for your protection."

In February of 2007, I sent a one-minute audio clip to Sean's staff. His producer, James Grisham, wrote back to say thanks. In the clip, Kim Hansard does an inadvertent spoonerism on the words "hand sanitizer." Listen to it yourself and tell me if you think I planted an idea in the heads of the Hannity folks.

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Blogger Tony W said...

I think you are right I listen to Sean every chance that I get and I remember when he started saying that and now that you mention it I remember when you and Marc was messing with Kim that morning when she said it like that. You just keep amazing me with all the people that you know.

Anonymous Mr. Kazinec said...

I'm sure Sean will get a kick out of that sound clip, I did. Another great slip of the tongue by Kim.

I'm personally excited about
McCain's choice in running mate. It's refreshing to see someone who hasn't been in politics long enough to be fully engulfed in corruption like the rest of the politicians. Of course Barack is fairly new to politics as well. I'm still undecided but McCain's choice has really made things interesting.


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