Tuesday, August 12, 2008

took a whole lotta tryin'

The satire in "Tropic Thunder" was so rich I wanted everyone else in the theatre to stop laughing so I could just soak it all in. At times, I sat there in open-mouthed amazement at the bulls-eye accuracy of the parody. Because it's an R-rated comedy, most of the jokes cannot be shown in the trailer. As a result, I was able to enjoy the movie, unlike "Get Smart," which was ruined for me by watching the previews.

Robert Downey Jr. carries the film. He plays an Australian method actor who has his skin darkened to play an African-American sergeant. Obviously he is spoofing actors, not African-Americans. I haven't heard any reaction yet to the use of the N word in one scene. Instead, some people are upset over use of the R word. I think a satire should be given more leeway than a broad comedy. They're making fun of actors who portray mentally-challenged individuals, not the people who are challenged. Think about "Rain Main," "Forrest Gump" and "I Am Sam" and all the other roles that actors have used as Oscar bait.

There are many reasons to recommend "Tropic Thunder" for audiences ready for some outrageous humor. Not only does Tom Cruise steal every scene he's in, he steals the closing credits too. Which reminds me, I really liked the way the cast list in the credits was organized by scene. I expect to see a favorable review too from Betsy Pickle, based on her laughter during the preview screening last night. She sat right behind me in the crowded theatre.

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Blogger Wendy said...

A test screening came to Knoxville a couple of months ago and my husband I happened to get in. I walked out with pretty much the same impressions you did. I thought the movie was brilliant, Robert Downey Jr. owned the screen, and the departure from cool action guy for Tom Cruise was perfect.

I'm glad they are standing their ground and sticking with the controversial comedy. People need to learn to recognize fantastic satire and not get on soapboxes. Nothing in that movie is supposed to be taken at face value and the "R" word scene, with the speech from RDJr, was one of the funniest parts of the movie.

Blogger overtly trite said...

glad to hear it's good I cannot wait to see this film!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am leaving you a comment because you guys talk about no one posting a comment!!! Your awesome Frank!

Blogger the_fool_monty said...

Well Mr. Murphy, if you liked it I HAVE to go see it. Thanks for the review.

p.s I have a blog now too, if you have time you could read it maybe? I know I am not of the same caliber, but I would like to link your blog to mine if you like it.

Blogger Mr. Kazinec said...

I am very surprised in everyones comments. I thought the movie looked cheesy; I'm happy to hear the good news. I had no intention on seeing it but may make a trip to the theater now. Thanks!

Blogger Mr. Kazinec said...

Since everyone is doing shameless promotions(Frank on the radio and Monty on this blog): I have a blog and a social network that has occupied a year and a half of my life and required a second mortgage.

Blogger Jennifer B said...

Maybe we'll have to go see it again...


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