Monday, September 01, 2008

hide and reek

Happy Labor Day. In honor of the holiday, I won't work too hard tonight. Instead I'll share with you a few leftover pictures from my vacation. This won't be the last of them.

At the time, something struck me as funny about the sign for "Taxidermy Drop Off and Archery Range." It's at the Fanning 66 Outpost, better known as home of the World's Largest Rocker.

Here's a store in St. Louis that apparently sells Lit Cigars. Imagine how tough it must be to keep those in stock.

We parked next to a car in Hot Springs that belongs to someone who must watch the same late-night talk show as me. I should ask Jimmy Kimmel where I can get one of his "I'm a Friend of Jimmy K." bumper stickers.

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Blogger bean said...

very funny, frank.... but for your readers that don't know, "jimmy k" is the narcotics anonymous equivalent of "bill w." of alcoholics anonymous. so if you see a bumper sticker like that do not offer drugs to the driver!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Yes, of course. Keen-eyed clickers will notice that the link for "I'm a Friend of Jimmy K." goes to The NA logo is visible in the photo too.

Blogger Tony W said...

I wander what they use for targets. Maybe this is going to take the place of 3-D targets.


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