Saturday, September 27, 2008

night crawlers

If all goes according to plan, next weekend I'll be having fun with my improv buddies on the set of an independent film. Quarterback-turned-actor Jeff Joslin asked us to be in the movie that he and Darby Totten are producing and directing. It's called "Fish Bait."

Jeff and Darby were excited this past week when their movie made it into Variety's listings of upcoming film projects. I will be excited if I can get my name on IMDB. Then I'll see if I can get them to also list my role as an uncredited extra in the cinematic masterpiece "It's Pat."

UPDATE: There's an opportunity for you to be an extra in "Fish Bait" during a party scene on Saturday. If you're interested and available, send a photo of yourself and your contact information to

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Anonymous Ryan Kazinec said...

Frank, what kind of cast type are they looking for? I did some acting back when I lived in California.I would love to get involved in acting here in Tn, just haven't come across any opportunities.


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