Monday, September 15, 2008

sofa king

England has its Stonehenge and Virginia has its Foamhenge. Although I'm no expert, I have a tiny bit of -henge experience. My daughter once gave me little toy Stonehenge for Christmas. I got it because I've been to Foamhenge twice and would go again if I were passing by with someone who hadn't seen it.

Over the past couple of weekends, I've noticed two things as I drove past a now-vacant Phillips 66 station on Middlebrook Pike. About two weeks ago I saw someone selling used clothes out of their SUV. It looked like they had set up a yard sale on the concrete. More recently I saw new furniture for sale on the site and declared it to be Couchhenge.

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Anonymous Cathy said...

There's also New Mexico's Fridgehenge.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I passed SofaHenge late last week and there were no wares there fit to be bought. It looks like they raided the 2nds warehouse of a now defunct 1970's furniture manufacture. Some things should never be resurrected.


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