Thursday, September 04, 2008

sorry Charlie

Doug McCaughan used to have a picture on his site of a t-shirt that said "Don't Make Me Blog You." That was exactly my thought today when I was buying a can of tuna fish at Food City.

The shopping trip had started out well. I saw the Tennessee Traveler vehicle parked out front of the supermarket and knew that Alan Williams must be inside. He was just getting in the checkout line and paused to say hi. He said it had been a while since he had seen me. I mentioned that I had recently seen him on stage at the Tennessee Theatre when WVLT did their local upfront presentation. On the way home, I thought about the time I invited Alan, Gene Patterson and Ted Hall to judge a turkey cooking contest. I was with a now-defunct oldies station at the time. Each anchorman judged a different day of the three-day competition leading up to Thanksgiving.

I had driven over to Bearden to patronize one of the few Food City stores that still carries my favorite fat-free salad dressing. During my weight loss, I also switched brands of chicken and tuna. I only buy cans of StarKist that are marked not just "Low Sodium" but "Very Low Sodium." Tuna was a good choice for me on days I felt especially hungry. My serving size for chicken is five ounces. For turkey and most types of fresh fish, it's four ounces. For beef, it's only three ounces. However, I am allowed to eat a whole six-ounce can of low sodium tuna. That's why I got so mad at StarKist today when I took a can off the shelf and realized it had been downsized to four-and-a-half ounces. Boo StarKist! Now I have to look for a store that carries the very low sodium variety of Bumble Bee or Chicken of the Sea in six-ounce cans.

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Anonymous Sandy Weaver Carman said...

Sorry, Charlie, you've lost one of your biggest fans! Frank, found this site [link][/link] where you can enter your zip code and find the Bumble Bee tuna you're craving at a store near you, or you can shop online.

Welcome to the world of Bumble Bee. Bob's been a Charlie-hater since way back, so Bumble Bee is what we have in the pantry now. Heck, why don't you and Jere come down and we'll fix up a nice lunch!

Blogger overtly trite said...

you may want to try some online grocers-it's what my father did when he discovered my mom's favorite oatmeal flavor was being discontinued

Blogger Tony W said...

Frank, You must have a ton of will power to stay on a diet like that and stick with it like you have. I use to kid around with my wife when she would go on a diet and eat all kinds of wierd stuff but now that i'm getting older and starting to have to watch what i eat it's not so funny anymore.

Anonymous Doug McCaughan said...

That's a Spreadshirt design of Cathy's design. You need to buy a "Don't make me blog you" shirt!

[Disclosure! Cathy makes $1 if you buy the shirt.]

I really enjoyed seeing you at the anniversary show. Thanks for having me on stage albeit briefly.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Sandy, I used your link to find a Kroger near me that sells Very Low Sodium Bumble Bee. My wife and I bought all six cans off their shelf today. Thanks!


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