Monday, September 29, 2008

weekend roundup

Several unrelated stories came across the Frank Murphy Dot Com newsdesk over the weekend.

The annual "What The Fluff?" festival in Massachusetts was postponed from Saturday to Sunday. One of the activities was a Fluff Lick Off, in which contestants had to lick a large dollop of Marshmallow Fluff off a piece of clear plastic. One blogger has posted photos that say it all. By the way, the festival still has me misidentified as "Frank Miller" on their site.

They held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Body Farm in Texas on Friday. News footage from the Fox affiliate in Austin shows a guy who looks exactly like UT's Dr. Bill Bass as one of the ribbon cutters.

Perry Simon posted a link to a great article about the closing of Shea Stadium. Like all Mets fans, I'm disappointed that the old joint didn't get to host the playoffs and World Series one more time.

My wife says that her guilty pleasure today was to read the comments posted by irate Cowboys fans on various Dallas websites. She happily pointed out to me that Jim Zorn will be the only Redskins coach with a perfect regular season record at the soon-to-be-vacant Texas Stadium.

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Anonymous MIchael said...

Sorry Frank, but the only way I could be happier that the Mets fell apart again is if the Braves were in the playoffs!

Anonymous Sandy Weaver Carman said...

Hey, Frank, I'm with Jere...such fun to read all of those cry-baby CowPie fans after yet another loss to the REDSKINS!! (can you tell which team I like?) Bob and I had a blast watching the game...Skins look good this year, and it's during football season that I miss being on the radio in Washington DC, where "homers" were truly appreciated!


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