Friday, October 24, 2008

je me souviens

An article in last Sunday's paper served to remind me to seek out some souvenirs from the road trip we took in August. The New Sentinel's travel editor interviewed several Knoxvillians about the items they bring home from their various trips. Most of the people collect the kind of knickknacks that in turn collect dust in the family room at home.

Instead of tschotskes that take up counter space, my wife and I prefer to collect Christmas ornaments from our destinations. While the tree is on display, we can remember our travels from the previous years. Maybe this year I'll remember to post a few photos of our more interesting souvenirs.

This summer we picked up a not-too-cheesy guitar shaped ornament at Graceland but had trouble elsewhere. The only ornaments we saw in Branson were generic. We didn't find any at all during our limited time in Hot Springs. Between now and Christmas, my goal is to find places online where I can get souvenir ornaments from Branson and Hot Springs. Any suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated.

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Anonymous Cathy said...

You have more choices when you consider odd things as ornaments. Small stuffed animals, spoons, miniatures, etc.

Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Now that's a pretty awesome idea. sister lives in Hot Springs, I'm sure she could find you an ornament.

Blogger Jennifer B said...

Well, I usually search ebay for that kind of thing, but neither of those has any results on ebay right now. (Hard to believe.) My suggestion would be to put a photo from the trip in a photo ornament frame if you can't find anything.

Anonymous Jere said...

Jennifer b... that's a good idea, except the only thing we did in hot springs is take a bath. I know I don't want to put a picture of that on my tree.


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