Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pig pun

Half the fun of going to a BBQ competition is seeing the names of the teams. Some are ordinary, others are funny and some are outrageous. At the Tennessee State Bar-B-Q Championship on Saturday my wife and I saw Pearls Before Swine, Cookin' Possums, Q the Pig and my personal favorite, Grills Gone Wild.

An online database helps novice BBQ-ers check to see if their idea of a team name has already been taken. A quick glance brought a smile to my face when I saw Jack the Ribber on the list. The Commercial Appeal had a list of teams that participated in the Memphis In May competition, including one called The Church of Swinetology.

Here's your chance to use the comments section to report any funny BBQ team names you've seen on Food Network or in-person.

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Anonymous Lance said...

Boweevil's BBQ: Our pigs are dying for you to eat!


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