Thursday, October 16, 2008

thankyou, thankyouverymuch

Does your Friday morning routine include a stop at a convenience store? Maybe you can pick up an extra copy of the News Sentinel for me. I want to send copies to my mother, my grandmother and some other relatives. Remember that local Pilot stores give away the paper for free on Fridays during high school football season. Although I'm sure they would enjoy reading a preview of the Catholic at Fulton game, I actually want Mom and Grandma to see Clay Owen's photo of yours truly that will be included with the results of the News Sentinel's annual readers poll.

If you voted for me in the East Tennessee's Best survey, I sincerely thank you. Your votes in the Best Local Blogger category were enough to give me the edge over hundreds of talented local bloggers including the next two top vote getters, Richard Allen and Dave Foulk.

A year ago, I was very surprised to make the top three. You may recall that I placed second, behind Barbie Cummings. "Local Blogger" was a new category last year and I thought that some of the other bloggers might rally their readers to vote in the new poll. I'm all the more complimented that I won without having to ask. The blurb that accompanies the results is really, really nice:
There isn’t much Frank Murphy hasn’t done. You’ve probably heard him on radio station Star 102.1 as one-third of the popular Marc & Kim and Frank Show. He and his wife have done radio commercials for LA Weight Loss. He’s a member of Einstein Simplified, a comedy improv group that performs weekly in Knoxville. He was a judge on “Warehouse Warriors” on the DIY Network. He also likes to nap. A lot.

When he’s not doing all that, Frank writes on his blog. He’s been doing so since August of 2005. He writes about life, love, the Tennessee Valley Fair, swimming, Knoxville-turned-Nashville band Jag Star, body farms, fireworks displays, going to the movies, his love of the world’s largest things, shopping for tuna and fat-free salad dressing at Food City, and the latest on his quest to visit all 50 states. You know, all your favorite stuff.

It’s rare if a day goes by when Frank doesn’t update his blog. It’s also rare if a day goes by when East Tennessee isn’t reading it.
It's appropriate to acknowledge Jack Lail for sending a lot of hits my way earlier this year by linking to my post about Coed Naked Bar Hopping. That entry also got several clicks from the gang at The Sunsphere is Not a Wigshop (who reviewed this week's Einstein Simplified show, by the way). The follow-up post was linked to by Michael Silence.

Speaking of Michael's excellent blog, I got a laugh when the newspaper's photo department emailed me to arrange a meeting, they wrote:
Hey Frank,
KNS readers have voted you ET's Best blogger. Michael Silence was robbed. Can we get a photo of you in action sometime soon?
I think I just might celebrate my victory with a Graceland cupcake. The peanut butter icing and banana cake treat is the featured flavor this week at The Cupcakery.

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Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Congratulations Frank, you deserve it!

btw...was listening yesterday when the nice lady that you shafted at the gas pumps called in. Funny stuff!

OpenID icebears18 said...

Well I voted for you. I never miss a day reading your blog. Good stuff. I think I'll celebrate with a cupcake too. Congrats. You deserve it.
Lori Ingram

Blogger Meaghan said...

Way to go Dad! East Tennessee isn't the only region that appreciates your blog. It always makes me smile to see what you and Knoxville are up to.

Great job!

Anonymous Jere said...

You Rock! Sah..weet! Enjoy your spoils, although I hope your cupcake isn't.

Blogger Jennifer B said...


Anonymous Sandy Weaver Carman said...

Great job, Frank! Congrats on a well-earned win, and it's even sweeter that you didn't have to ask for votes. (It's so cheesey how radio people do that in every market!!)

Love your blog...enjoy that nasty-sounding cupcake!

Blogger Amelia said...

Very cool! Congrats!

Anonymous Frank said...

Frankly speaking, you deserved it.

Blogger Mr. Kazinec said...

Congrats Frank! It's a well deserved honor. The blogging king of Knoxville, that's pretty impressive.

Blogger bean said...

not much i can add to what your other readers have already said, frank! the honor is well deserved and you know you and your blog are very popular with this reader in the great pacific northwest. congratulations!!!

Blogger Jennifer B said...

When Cheryl learned of your award, she said she was going to try to step up her blog to give you a run for your money next year! Ha!

OpenID JackD said...

Blogging is a bit like dieting in that it's often started with the greatest intentions, but failing to make it into the long-term routine. You may have succumbed to the cupcakes, but you're looking like a blogger for the long haul. First post, Aug. 1, 2005. Not bad! Congratulations.


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