Tuesday, October 28, 2008

unequal time

Although the late-night comics would seem to favor the Democratic ticket, I think several of them must secretly hope for a Republican victory. They get much more material from the GOP. Their jokes about McCain and Palin outnumbered their jokes about Obama and Biden 475 to 69 according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University. The Center's website keeps a tally of the people targeted by some of the TV comedians.

While out of town over the the weekend, I saw a political yard sign that attempted to make a joke about Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney. It shows Cheney with pit-bullish lipstick and says that Palin would be "more of the same." I disagree. Palin shot a moose, Cheney shot a lawyer.

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Blogger Richard said...

The dearth of Obama jokes may be because of the Obama campaign's reaction to negative publicity, which so far has included law suits, threats of criminal prosecution, and, most damning for the media types, boycotting unfriendly outlets.

What would Dave do if he couldn't book Obama?

We know what CNN would do. Eason Jordan told us. They will sit on negative information if it grants them continued access.

It's really scary when you think about it.

Anonymous Jere said...

I wonder if the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University will count your joke about Palin and Cheney in their report.

I enjoyed it. In fact, I laughed out loud at it at work and got someone else's attention and they found it funny too.


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