Sunday, November 16, 2008


Could milkshakes be the next cupcakes? I was clicking around the Internet looking at celebrity news and noticed some pictures of stars patronizing a new shop called Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood. The place got noticed by naming shakes after tabloid celebrities.

Cupcakes were made fashionable by "Sex and the City." However it was the success of cupcake shops in Beverly Hills and Burbank that is credited with the proliferation of stores around the country specializing in the single-serving desserts. One key to that success is the variety of flavors of cakes and icing. I tried a Graceland cupcake here in Knoxville a few weeks ago. Today I saw pictures of some Elvis cupcakes that were similar except that they had bacon on top of the peanut butter icing. Seriously, bacon.

Millions of Milkshakes says that they over one hundred ingredients that can be mixed into 75 million combinations. The base is ice cream, frozen yogurt or soy. In addition to the ingredients that get mixed in to the shake, there are several more choices of toppings to get sprinkled on top. Among other things, you could choose from candy bars and breakfast cereals, including Lucky Charms.

As a Baskin-Robbins employee during high school, I enjoyed making and drinking milkshakes. My favorite was made with Jamoca Almond Fudge and chocolate syrup. I would need a spoon to eat the almonds after the shake was gone.

My enthusiasm for Millions of Milkshakes was brought back to earth by a review on Chowhound. The milkshakes aren't really milkshakes at all. They are more like Blizzards from Dairy Queen, which aren't all that different from the mashed in scoops you get at a Cold Stone or Marble Slab. The reviewer found the "shakes" to be not blended enough and to be way overpriced.

I found it interesting that all the press coverage highlighted on their website is focused on the celebrities who have visited. I didn't see any articles talking about the quality of the product.

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Anonymous Sandy Weaver Carman said...

Oh, you've got me milkshake-jonesin! When you read the review of Millions of Milkshakes, did you read the comments? A very helpful bunch, suggesting other places with great milkshakes & frozen yogurts. So now, here I sit at 6:30am on a Monday morning, trying to think about everything my business needs me to do today and instead, I'm milkshake-jonesin.

Actually, chocolate-malt-jonesin. Wonder where I can find one of those at this hour? ;-}

Anonymous Jere said...

You forgot to compare them to "Concretes" at Ted Drewes, which are better than blizzards. Also to the mashed-in creations at MaggieMoos, which we still need to try. What happened to equal opportunity mentions/links.

Really I don't care about the mentions, this is just my way of getting you to take me to MaggieMoos, or Ted Drewes next time. LYM


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