Friday, November 21, 2008

that's just what they'll do

T the R.O.P. has been coming to watch the weekly Einstein Simplified shows lately. He's the same guy who went to Milwaukee with me last year to see the Mets. Since T has been supporting my improv habit, I was more than happy to return the favor by supporting him at the 14th annual Mr. Knoxville Contest, which was held last night to benefit Goodwill Industries. T was the defending champion and earned the crown for a second straight year by collecting the most donations. They're calling it a "T-peat." The event is a parody of a beauty pageant with an emphasis on comedy. T spoofed Michael Phelps, "Wayne's World" and various boy bands in his three appearances on stage. Some of the other guys did skits based on "Zoolander," "Teen Wolf" and Kenny Chesney.

One of my favorite news anchors, Stacy McCloud was there to co-host the event. Another WVLT personality was in the audience. Heather Haley graciously agreed to be in a photo with Stacy and me. When I wanted to get a shot of her fancy leopard-print boots, Stacy said I needed to be in the picture too. Thanks to Heather for taking the photo.

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Anonymous 101 said...

Your blogging is always enjoyable, those boots...priceless!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should get those pants tailored, Dad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey frank, just wanted to say, i think those boots would go great with your suit, maybe yall should trade! Lol

Anonymous Jamie Marie said...

Those boots are amazing! will you ask her where she got them?

Anonymous Michael said...


Anonymous Byron said...

Heather and Stacy both! Wow, what a treat!

Anonymous Stacy McCloud said...

Hey Frank,

It was so good to see you and meet your lovely wife!!

Just so you know, I am already campaigning for FRANK MURPHY FOR MR.KNOXVILLE 2009!!!

For those that asked, I bought my boots at a place in West Town Mall near Sears .. called LaNique. My dear friend Melissa is the owner.
It's where I purchase most my shoes and even some cute clothes from time to time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i never watched channel 8 before but i will now. shes hott!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stacy is the type of girl that can make anything look sexy...even when she's not trying.She's always been a real sweetheart.It's not an "act" that you see on TV.


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