Friday, November 07, 2008

two minutes for icing

Knoxville will be represented on "Food Network Challenge" on Saturday. Six teams from all over the U.S.A. will compete to bake and decorate the best cupcakes in the country. MagPies Cakes will take on bakeries from New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Anchorage and Annandale (Virginia).

Maybe one of these days I will finally get to MagPies, although they've moved away from the storefront I used to pass regularly. They had a grand opening of their new location earlier tonight. Their website promised menu sampling, which I've heard is something they do once a month. Until I get there for a free taste, I'll have to settle for watching "Challenge: Cupcake" on Saturday night.

Oh, if anyone I know happens to get some cupcakes as a surprise from her loving parents, I hope she takes some pictures and sends them along for a future blog post.

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