Sunday, December 21, 2008

cane and enable

The simultaneous blessing and curse of being the Internet's first self-proclaimed marshmallowaholic is that generous friends give me more delicious marshmallows than I should eat. After Mass a week or two ago, my friend Mike the keyboardist gave me a package of the new Peppermint Marshmallow Stars made by Marshmallow Peeps. The flavor goes well with the light and fluffy marshmallows. The candy cane coating seemed stickier than standard sugar-dusted Peeps but that won't stop me from enjoying them.

My wife received a marshmallow-related gift from her "Advent Angel" at work. It's the same concept as a "Secret Santa." The unknown gift-giver gave her a package of Snow Cone Hot Chocolate Mix for two. In addition to the cocoa mix, it comes with chocolate chunks and miniature marshmallows for melting on top.

I suspect that my friends Kathy and Keith enjoy cooking their way into my blog. They are the ones who made S'mores on a stick, the infamous chocolate "snowmen" on a stick and cream-filled cupcakes. On Friday they showed up with a tin of homemade marshmallows in two flavors. Half were of the standard white variety, the others were chocolate. Both taste great. They have a thicker, gummier texture than the Jet-Puffed kind you get in the supermarket. I just got back from a weekend trip to St. Louis and the first thing I did after unloading the car tonight was open the tin and savor some homemade marshmallow goodness.

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