Friday, December 19, 2008

make glad the heart of childhood

On Monday evening a young girl happened to stop in at Carole's Interiors & Gifts in Farragut. The fancy gift shop is in the same strip mall as Garde Bien Spa Salon, where I went to get my hair cut yesterday. I also did some browsing at Carole's and heard the story of little Lacey (or maybe it's spelled Lacy), who had spotted a large penguin and fallen in love with it. The bird is made of Styrofoam and covered with a straw-like material.

When Lacey inquired about the cost of the penguin, Carole Brailey told her that it was originally priced at $400 but that she had marked it down to $200. Crestfallen, Lacey said she had only about $100 in her savings. At that point, Carole said she would sell the penguin to the little girl for $100. Lacey went to check with her mother and came back to say they "would have to think about it."

The next day, a mysterious and jolly old man came into the store to ask about the penguin. In fact, he wanted to buy it. Carole explained that she was holding it for someone. That's when the gentleman revealed that he had already heard about Lacey's story from one of his helpers, who had been in the shop the night before. He was still going buy the penguin, not for himself but for Lacey! The gift tag was to simply read "To Lacey, From Santa."

The penguin now sits outside Carole's waiting for Lacey to come back and be surprised. Will she make it there before Christmas? Can you help spread the word so that Lacey's mom will just happen to bring the girl by the store again? Carole has tried calling a few schools in the area, hoping to track down Lacey, so far to no avail. This little story has all the makings of a Christmas miracle, just waiting for the final scene to be written.

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Blogger chris said...

Please keep us updated on this! Despite the 'Debbie Downers' out there, I think it's great.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened this morning when you told this story & my eyes teared up when the woman called in about her daughter needing to visit the doctor next week. I thought to myself immediately that someone would call in to offer her help & it didn't take long. I know I don't have to tell you that God works in mysterious ways since you are "Super Christian" but I think that he worked through you to help this woman. I'll also share a much smaller situation with you that happened to me this week. I had met my husband at the mall to do some Christmas shopping. I have been dieting & reluctant to eat out, but decided to eat at the Japanese place that day. There were a lot of kids at the mall for lunch from some local schools so it was extra crowded. As my husband & I stood in line behind a three young girls, a fourth came from behind & got in front of us to be with her friends. I gave my husband a "look" not because I minded, but because she didn't ask if we minded. He said you know, she just doesn't want to be in line by herself so I'm going to overlook it. Well as the line moved & it was the girls turn to pay she came up short on cash. The lady who rang her up was going to make her take the drink off in order for her to have enough. The little girl had a look of panic on her face & I immediately reached into my purse for some money to help her out. Lucky I had some cash that day (I don't typically have any in my purse when I really need it). The little girl just said, "oh gosh"! We could both see the relief on her face as well as the embarrassment. After our food was paid for, I walked up to the little girl & quitely said to her that we had a daughter about her age & she comes to the mall often with her school for lunch. It wasn't much, but I would hope that someone would help her out if she were in that situation. I think God put us in that line to help her. Have a blessed Christmas!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I listened this morning(as I do every morning as I am getting ready for work) I thought will the little girl get her penguin? Please keep us posted.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I try to listen in to the show each morning on my way to work. I don't alway get to listen long because I am interupted by phone calls and such, but this morning I was in the middle of listening to what I felt would be a great story. You had just starting explaining how the store owner came out to help you capture your pics of the holiday bird when my phone rang. I answered it and told the person to hold on as I listened to the rest of the story. It hit me hard and I am so glad I got to hear it. When it was over and I turned the radio down the person on the phone asked what it was about. As I told her I kept crying and crying. I had been saying for weeks that I was just not in the Christmas spirit this year, but this story set me straight. I told everyone at work about it and teared up each time. I hope you do let us know how this turns out and I hope this little girl gets her Christmas Bird!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

While I was at Carole's on Thursday, I met reporter Laura Lyon from the Shopper News. She published her story about Lacey (PDF file here) on Monday. WATE also covered the story on Monday, with an update that Lacey has been found and will pick up her penguin tomorrow!


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