Saturday, January 24, 2009

entice you with some bacon

Film director John Hudgens is a panelist at Chattacon this weekend. I assume he's at the sci-fi convention to promote the February 17th DVD release of his "American Scary." Or maybe he would have gone there anyway just for kicks. I wrote about John's movie prior to its Hollywood Film Festival debut in 2006.

John sent me a message last night after he had sampled some Elvis-themed, sushi-looking snack cakes at the convention. Imagine peanut butter, bananas and marshmallow creme wrapped in white bread and topped with bacon. Picture Twinkies sliced like California rolls and decorated with breakfast cereal. And it was all served by an Elvis impersonator dressed as a Japanese chef.

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Blogger Sandy Weaver Carman said...

LOL...just yesterday on an episode of Iron Chef, one of the judges said that bacon is nature's perfect food, and that even vegans love bacon. Bet he'll get some hate mail on that one...oh, wait, bet vegans don't watch Iron Chef. :-D But he was right on that first part...bacon is nature's perfect food, good on anything!


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