Wednesday, January 21, 2009

making a splash

Sometimes a news story speaks directly to you, as if you've been waiting for it. That happened tonight when I heard that US Airways is dropping their fares at McGhee Tyson Airport. I had been thinking about going to visit my grandmother while she is in Florida for the winter. Rather than drive, I can now find a flight for as low as $99 each way. The perfect week to go would be while my son is on Spring break from college. He can join me for party time with the senior citizens. I will try to arrange it so that we both change planes in Charlotte and take the same flight to the Sunshine State. Wouldn't it be great if our pilot was Hudson River hero Sully Sullenberger? We would certainly be in good hands.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank, Fly allegiant air from knoxville to florida for 29-59 each way. Just know how much you loved to save money and thought I would help!


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