Wednesday, January 07, 2009

returning the favor

Several other bloggers have mentioned me on their sites recently. That Chick Over There was especially kind in her remarks. She says I remind her of her husband. That Chick and MDA are the most recent to say that they are coming to blogger night at the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. Earlier RSVPers included Rich Hailey, Barry Wallace, Rob Huddleston, Doug McCaughan and Byron Chesney.

More recently, Byron wrote that he was impressed with the amount of traffic that flows from my site to his entertaining Knoxville Trivia Blog. It makes sense to me. He writes about local news anchors more than I do.

Speaking of anchors, Stacy McCloud got a kick out of my post about her clown interview yesterday. But mostly out of the photo.

Cassie Kiestler was happy that I found something interesting about digital TVs in her blog. She was just as happy when I was amused by a clever comment she left on one of my posts. I hope she doesn't feel obligated to write about me mentioning her again.

Leeann Samples and her husband Don came to see Einstein Simplified at First Night Knoxville. They didn't tell me they were bloggers. My Google Alert did.

A former Knoxville deejay nicknamed The Greek writes a blog called Knoxville Radio History 101. He took my picture last week while he was in the building to be on a WKTI show called "The Voice."

In a sort of the same but different vein, my friend Rodney Lee Conover informed me that I'm briefly visible on his YouTube channel. The clip is actually one of the DVD extras for his movie "BachelorMan." The disc just came out in November and the film will turn up on HDNet Movies. I visited the set one day back in 2001. Look carefully and you can see me seated behind the director John Putch, who happens to be the son of Jean Stapleton.

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Anonymous 101 said...

Thanks for the readership will probably triple today!

Anonymous Your wife said...

Thank goodness for makeovers. (Not that I didn't love you just as much then)

Anonymous amy (lapsed stalker) said...

i couldn't get through on the phone today (and had to go on in to work) but fyi: i love you all equally in intensity, but individually (you, Marc, and Kim.) Mark is tough but tender, a protective father and playful brother and straightup teddy bear. Kim is my girl, she's gentle yet unapologetically confident, and simultaneously humble - she's like a sister, an enigmatic and mysterious open book - a paradox, and a beauty. you, of course... well, i might be lapsed but i'm still your stalker. ;D you're the eccentric, funny, unafraid-yet-phobic cutie with the heart of gold and inexplicable habits and hangups... how could anyone NOT love you?! ;D please tell the others. :) hearts to all!

Blogger That Chick Over There said...

You do remind me of my husband! You have way more hair though.

Actually, oddly, my husband looks a lot like Marc.

I heard that you mentioned my blog this morning on the air. I listen on my commute to Oak Ridge every morning, but it must have been on after I got to work. (I work in a secure radio!) Thanks for the mention. I so wish I could have heard it.


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