Monday, April 06, 2009

chicka boom

The first person to make a donation toward my fundraising-by-dancing efforts was my good friend Bean. He is also responsible for today's blog post.

After his wife's recent trip to Japan, Bean sent me this photo with the question, "Japanese peeps?" She had brought the Hiyoko box home as a souvenir.

While the Hiyoko confections look a lot like Marshmallow Peeps, they are actually bean cakes. The Engrish English translation of the page explains exactly how the little treats are deliberately mushed:
The secret of Hiyoko's daintiness is the carefully selected ingredients. The savory bun is made of flour from Kyushu to give a distinctive flavor. Mildly sweet yellow filling is made of fine choice of haricot beans. We select well-grown beans only and mush them deliberately. After our experienced confectioner puts the bun and filling together and bakes it in an oven until it becomes moist, melting texture, a delicious "Hiyoko" is ready for you!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Engrish translation of the page..."
Wow, did you really just say that? Tsk, tsk. So mocking ethnic groups is okay for purposes of describing a Peep-like product?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

It's a reference to the popular websites and Sorry you didn't get it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you're the one that doesn't get it. Just because a random website or 2 choose to use the word 'engrish' in their name, that does not absolve the word of it's potential offensiveness in casual use.

Anonymous Donna Chang said...

I thought it was funny!


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