Wednesday, April 22, 2009

one for you, one for me

One of the items on Rich and Lissa's wedding gift registry appealed to my wife and one appealed to me. We gave them a set of four little trifle dishes and an ice cream scoop. We threw in a jar of Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge and a package of Oreo crumbles.

My wife made a chocolate trifle for Father's Day last year. This year she wanted to make two fruit trifles for Easter, one for the choir at All Saints Church and one to have at home. That meant she needed another large trifle dish. We looked up Rich & Lissa's registry again so she could get the same style at Bed Bath & Beyond. She got both the large dish and a set of four smaller ones.

The recipe is simple. She layered angel food cake with thawed-out frozen berries and topped it with a mix of cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk. It sat in the refrigerator overnight to allow the cake to soak up the juice. She's talking about making it again when we have to bring a dish to a reception with the Bishop after the Rite of Missioning at Sacred Heart Cathedral. It's part of my responsibility as an RCIA sponsor.

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Anonymous Taylor C. said...

All those look delicious! I was kinda hoping to see a post about Abby Ham's return to WBIR, but I'm sure that is coming up soon...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

abby ham is coming back to wbir in june! thought that would make your day:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the post about Abby Ham returning to Knoxville? This is great, but I really want to see your comments on Abby's return. Maybe she will be your dance partner next year.

Anonymous Lindsay W. said...

Oh my gosh, Frank! You must be thrilled about Abby Ham! I thought of you the second I saw the news on!

Anonymous Heather said...

It's time to start stalking Abby Hamm again . . . you even made the comment boards on WBIR!

Anonymous Amy said...

wow.. all 4 of us came to his blog to see what he had to say about Abby Ham! I don't like any of the ingredient's in Jere's Trifle, but they still look really delicious!

Here's a Metropulse story on Abby:


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