Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Terry Morrow's phone call woke me from a deep sleep today. He wanted to make sure I knew that Abby Ham was returning to Knoxville. During my nap, my inbox had started to fill up with messages from people who had seen the bulletin on Blogger Frank Strovel wanted to know if he was the first to email me. He was.

While I was practicing my dance routine at Academy Ballroom again, several more messages came in via email, Facebook and comments on this morning's non-Ham blog post. A comment from Heather pointed out that my name was mentioned in the comments on Twice.

My hopes that I might be watching Abby on the noon news were quickly dashed by Terry's article. Instead she'll only be on in the morning, which is the newscast I can't watch because I'm already at work. In his interview with Abby, Terry asked why she would leave Cleveland for Knoxville. She said it puts her closer to her parents for when she's ready to start her own family. I jokingly told Terry that the real reason might be that she wants to participate in "Star 102.1's Dancing with the Knoxville Stars" next year. Why not?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Frank... It's a Dogwood Miracle!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel for Allison Hunt. She'll only get a few months as Knoxville's best looking TV personality. Could there be room for two recognized hotties?

Anonymous Mike said...

What's the real scoop? She leaves for a bigger market and more money, buys a house, and a year and a half she's back? Hmmm, didn't Cleveland love her like Knoxville does? I was hoping to see her host The Today Show one day, now she's taking backward steps. The "raise a family" thing doesn't jive with me. Find out the truth Frank!

Blogger Meaghan said...

snazzy glasses in that photo.

Blogger Ron Dew said...

Glad to hear Abby Ham is returning home to Knoxville.

Blogger madpipertn said...

Yay! Yay! and more Yay! I don't think she got the same appreciation in Cleveland as she did in K-town. She pretty much has celebrity status here, and for good reason. I can't wait!

Anonymous Ed Munster said...

I am very pleased to hear this news as well. Piper from what I read of the blogs in the Cleveland area, Abby was liked as much in Ohio as she was here. I have family in the Cleveland area and Abby has quite the following there as well. I don't care why she is moving back, I'm just glad she is!!


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