Tuesday, April 21, 2009

salad days

A trip downtown on Friday turned into a nice date for my wife and me. After seeing Julia Nunes perform and getting a free cupcake, we used another coupon to get a discount on lunch at La Costa on Market Square.

Because I planned to eat my free cupcake for dessert, I wanted to order a salad rather than a sandwich. However the very tempting daily special was a pulled pork sandwich with mango BBQ sauce. My wife ordered a delicious Ancho Chicken Salad Wrap and had them add some enticing Benton's bacon bits.

There was a smoked duck breast salad on the menu which sounded okay except for the duck. I asked the waiter if the chef would be offended by me asking him to create a salad with the pulled pork. He reported back that the chef was excited by the challenge. I said that I wanted them to name the dish after me if it was good enough to get on the menu in the future. The waiter said it depended on whether or not I had a cool name. I said, "fortunately for you, my name is Pork Salad."

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Anonymous Coupon Mommie said...

I love using coupons for discounts and free stuff too!

Restaurant.com will sale their certificates randomly for a good 60-80 percent off their already discounted price.

Recently I used a $25 certificate that I only paid $2 for and my family of 5 ate for about $15 out of pocket including a steak for my hubby!

Blogger Cassie said...

Sorry Frank but pulled pork on a salad sounds really gross.

Blogger Laura said...

that pork salad looks really good. well done, frank!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

I forgot to mention that we sat outside because the patio area at La Costa is non-smoking! We also could hear live music on the Market Square stage. I didn't catch the singer's name but I remember that one of his songs was about "going" in the pool, if you know what I mean.


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