Tuesday, May 19, 2009

crazy like a

It's almost become a tradition for me to watch the Fox upfront presentation at WTNZ. I always enjoy the opportunity to see a preview of the upcoming fall season.

The show that got the most attention was "Glee." I've been hearing about it a lot lately, including yesterday afternoon on NPR. Something did confuse me, however. "Glee" seems like a perfect fit for the timeslot after "American Idol." In fact, it will get a preview in that slot tonight. However in the Fall, it will follow "So You Think You Can Dance." When "Idol" returns next Winter, it will be followed by "Past Life" and "Human Target."

Other than "Glee," the Fall series that got the most attention was a comedy with Michael Strahan called "Brothers." Another comedy called "Sons of Tucson" looked a little more promising to me. Usually the show I like best is the first one canceled.

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Anonymous Mary O said...

Looks to me like "Glee" might be a big hit like "Cop Rock" was. :)

Blogger Andrew Ballew said...

Yeah, I was really looking forward to Glee as a former band/chorus nerd. It was enjoyable, but entirely predictable, and leaves no stereotype unturned. Despite its polarizing take on high school, which I guess it has to be for good show, the pilot had it's moments... I will watch in the Fall.


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