Monday, May 04, 2009

shine on

Two camels and some bison roam on the land next to the Pro-Anglers Shop on Route 63. Jeff Joslin told me to meet him there to shoot an additional scene for "Fish Bait," the low-budget horror movie we filmed last October. Three of the other members of Einstein Simplified and I only had to improvise a few seconds of dialogue that explained which of us was Paul. We ended up creating a fun scene in which the store owner chased Jaybo (Dave Fennell) while waving a .357 Magnum at him.

On the way through LaFollette, I saw a sign that amused me. It said "Crack A Tooth Cold Beer," which reminded me of one of my first blog entries. On the houseboat at Flat Hollow Marina & Resort, the label on the sinks also made me smile. They use a regional spelling of "spigot" to indicate which faucet dispensed fresh water. My wife and I spent the night on the houseboat. Thanks to the label, we didn't use lake water to brush our teeth.

At the marina, we watched the footage from last fall and shot some different camera angles on multiple scenes. When we were almost done filming for the night, Jeff Joslin and Darby Totten filled our wine glasses with a local delicacy. The apple-pie flavored beverage was poured from a mason jar with a cinnamon stick inside. I thought it would make me more tired but it had the effect of Granny's Spring tonic.

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Blogger Sandy Weaver Carman said...

LOL...glad you like the hooch, Frank, and thanks for the BH fix!

Blogger Cathy said...

Were you filming on Thursday?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

As far as I know, they only filmed on Friday night and all day Saturday. These were just some re-shoots. Principal photography happened back in October.

Why do you ask? Did you see a camera crew on Norris Lake?

Blogger Cathy said...

The buffalo and camel were moved down to the highway area on Thursday and they are usually in a pasture that keeps them back a bit farther.


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