Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sweating the details

The long holiday weekend gave me the opportunity to see two recent movies. Well, technically my son and I saw "Terminator Salvation" on Thursday night at the Regal Riviera. I liked the way the chase scenes and fight scenes were easier to follow than many of the action movies I've seen recently. As usual, I tried not to drink too much so that I wouldn't have to go to the bathroom during either film. (Thanks for the link, Bean!)

"Star Trek" was easily the best movie I have seen in a while. We saw it at the often overlooked Carmike Wynnsong. The seats are almost as comfortable as those at the newer Regal Cinemas. However unlike the Regal Pinnacle, every screen at Carmike offers DLP. However I recently read that Regal plans to install Sony's 4K digital projection system at all its theaters.

There seemed to be more commercials before the trailers at Carmike than at Regal. An ad for Axe Dry was very funny in a Farrelly brothers sort of way. A spot for Dove Body Wash showed some attractive body parts in an effort to be sexy but the ad was about as sultry as a segment on "The View." The combination of ads made me think that someday R-rated commercials will be shown before certain movies.

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Blogger Andrew Ballew said...

Film done correctly still looks better than 1080p DLP. But, I am looking forward to seeing true 4K on Sony's SXRD machines. This "should" be enough resolution to adequately capture the nuance of the majority of film negatives, and "should" well exceed what we get at the average screening.

That being said, I was disappointed with the Pinnacle's presentation of Star Trek that I attended the other day. It was film, and could have been gorgeous, but was annoyingly out of focus. So, it really doesn't matter if its 4k, 2k, or film, if it isn't setup correctly.

Sony scored a bigtime victory, though, getting Regal to sign with them. This leaves Texas Instruments in a big, big pinch. They will be forced to finally upgrade their now-aging DLP platform, but even then, who are they going to sell it to? DLP just became a niche product in the commercial theater world.

Blogger websiteworld said...

I wish more movies had scenes shot with IMAX instead of just converted to IMAX. Regardless the sound in that theater in turkey creek is incredible.

Looking forward to seeing Harry Potter in IMAX 3D.


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