Thursday, June 11, 2009

pity the fils

Sharing a meal with a vegetarian friend of ours usually means we'll be eating at one of three places: Trio Café, Panera Bread or Ruby Tuesday. On Friday night, my wife, our son and I met our friend at Ruby Tuesday in the mall for the salad bar.

During dinner I told him that I had talked about him on the radio recently. He had backstage passes to a Gavin Rossdale performance but didn't know much about him. When he met the singer, all he could think to ask was, "so, you're married to Gloria Estefan?" Brush with greatness fail. (FYI: Rossdale is married to Gwen Stefani.)

We talked about a couple of celebrity encounters from my past including the Donny Osmond "don't you wish you were me" story. My wife remembered the 7-Eleven shopping sprees I used to do at WAVA. After a celebrity was on the air with Don & Mike, I would escort them across Lee Highway to 7-Eleven. I used the phone behind the counter to provide on-air play-by-play as the celebrity grabbed as much stuff as he or she could in 30 seconds. It's hard to remember all the stars who made the walk with me. Mr. T came to mind because I still have a picture of him walking back to the radio station. I spent the better part of an hour looking for it in a stack of photo albums in the basement.

The series of anecdotes prompted my son to point out that I have never told him many of my old tales. They just don't come up in our normal conversations. It's as if I need to be prompted to remember them. I wonder if any of you former WAVA or KROQ or KLOS listeners can suggest some stories my son would enjoy.

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Blogger Maureen said...


I can't believe that is Carl Tanner in that picture with Mr. T!
What are the chances, unless he was so groupie in those days!

For those who don't know, Carl Tanner is one of the most famous American Tenors today! He is at and he happens to be one of my good friends. I was executive producer of "Hear The Angel Voices" his Christmas CD that was released a couple of years ago.

I just wonder if I was working at WAVA at the time of this picture?? Very funny!

(former WAVA assistant producer)

Anonymous bean :) said...

Now that the statute of limitations has passed, tell Frank, Jr. about how you were my lookout in the store the night I stole the custom entry rug from inside that same 7-11.

It graced the front porch of my house for several years before it deteriorated enough to throw out.

Forgive us, readers, we were young.


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