Thursday, July 30, 2009

debbie dogs

A link in yesterday's post about my "portable birthday cake" led back to something I wrote four years ago about Twinkies. Back then I was griping about Hostess Cakes being overpriced. While at Walmart the other day, I saw some Little Debbie products that are low-cost alternatives to their competitors.

Obviously Golden Cremes look like Twinkies. The Chocolate Cremes look somewhat like Oreo Cakesters and a little bit like Whoopie Pies.

I wonder if there is any difference in the flavor of Marshmallow Pies and the famous MoonPies. The real thing is usually too dry for my taste.

Most interesting to me was the box of Devil Cremes. They look like Drake's Devil Dogs, a childhood favorite of mine but could they taste as good? Even at that low price, I resisted the temptation to buy them. I've had more than enough sweet treats lately and didn't want to buy a box of six. If I do buy some, maybe I'll eat one Devil Creme and freeze the other five for later, like I did two years ago with Reduced Fat Devil Dogs.

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Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

I agree that the Moon-pies are a little to dry. And now that I am on the Gluten Free diet, I don't even look to see what is on sale on the cookie isle. Now, my favorite Hostess snacks growing up were the King Dongs (Which is such a horrible name these days), SuzyQs (which means "No way to eat without making a big ole mess") and then my favorite, which ironical, I dislike one of the ingredients... coconut. But me love some Sno-Balls! I would knock back about 3 of them for breakfast and would even by the BlueBird alternative when were on sale at Kroger. I have been able to make a decent GF chocolate cake but nothing as light as the meat of a Sno-Ball... Damn, now I want one...


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