Wednesday, July 01, 2009

dying to get in

The recent spate of celebrity deaths has me thinking about two segments I did on the Comedy World Radio Network. I had the first interview with Tony Orciuoli about his then-new website, Tony wrote a program that will automatically email you when news of a celebrity death crosses the wire. Longtime blog readers might recall me writing about this in February, 2006. I sent a copy of the interview to Tony right after it aired. He put the mp3 file on his website, which I downloaded so I can post it here for your convenience.

My interview with a guy named Death Pool Dave helped me land a job in Knoxville. Of all the airchecks I sent to my potential future bosses at 100.3 The River, the one they mentioned to me was my conversation with Death Pool Dave. He would register with several death pool websites including the Lee Atwater Invitational. Dave won quite a bit of money by guessing which celebrities would die in a calendar year. The younger the star, the more points they were worth in the game. To determine the point value, subtract the celebrity's age from 100. I looked through some old discs last night and found a copy of the CD I had sent to The River. Here's the interview with Death Pool Dave from late 2000 or early 2001.

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Blogger Andrew Ballew said...

That is one of the darkest yet funniest things I have ever listened to... that was a riot. "You be well, but call me if you're not." I'm gonna wake half the neighborhood over here laughing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard that guy on the radio several times now and have followed his web site for a couple years. His accuracy is nothing short of uncanny. He called JFK Jr, Layne Stayley, Michael Jackson, and a ton of others that no one else saw coming. His bits are about the funniest on radio today.


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