Friday, July 24, 2009

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When you're looking for a great cupcake, the first place that comes to mind is probably a bakery like Magpies or a specialty shop like The Cupcakery. Another contender has emerged in the most unlikely of places; a little shack on Middlebrook Pike called Two Sisters Sandwiches & Sweets.

I happened to stop by Two Sisters on their first day of business. Shortly before my vacation, a nice write-up by Carly Harrington reminded me it had been a while since I promised Ruby and Dixie that I would return. The opportunity presented itself yesterday. The sisters told me they will soon have a new signpost. They also plan to paint the gray cinder block exterior with a brighter color.

I got a great pulled chicken sandwich for only $2.50. For dessert, I chose a banana cupcake with chocolate icing. The sisters insisted that I also try one of their Death by Chocolate cupcakes, saying it was their best. Another customer swore by their Red Velvet cupcakes. There's no place to eat at the shack, so I took the food home for lunch. The cupcakes got knocked around a bit when the bag fell over in my car but still tasted great.

Banana cake has always been a favorite flavor of mine and I would definitely order one of the cupcakes again. However, the ladies were right about Death by Chocolate. I cut it up and shared it with my son, who agreed that it was outstanding. The frosting was perfect, the cake was moist and the chocolate chips interspersed throughout were a nice surprise.

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Anonymous Amy said...

Frank... I love it when you post regarding places in Knoxville where you can get special food items... like sweets. I have a wheat allergy and am really excited about the opening of Gluten Free Goodies on Kingston Pike. My fear is that although they have great food, they will not get enough publicity. I would love it if you would check them out!

Blogger Hfries9 said...

Two Sisters is amazing. It is nice to know that you can go somewhere for lunch or dinner and know it is fresh and not frozen like most places in town..their cupcakes are amazing! My favorite is the Death by Chocolate as well!

Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Those do look good! Like Amy, I am on a Gluten Free diet (intolerance to Gluten, helps with the autism) and so my former life of eating dessert at just every place now are gone, but it still nice to window shop.
AS one who bakes my own GFCF stuff, you should check them out and see what YOU think of their food.


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